Tubby Clayton

Artist : Akos Juhasz

Location: Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum (side wall facing River)

Wharf Street Maryborough. Maryborough.


The Reverend Dr “Tubby” Clayton was born in Maryborough, on the 12th December, 1885 and he completed his schooling at Oxford University, where he graduated with First Class Honours in Theology. He was ordained, and when World War I started went first to a Hospital in France and then onto Belgium.
On the 12th December1915 Tubby opened Talbot House - a Club for men of all ranks. The main entrance has a notice “Abandon rank all who enter here”. The house was situated in the small, but strategically important town of Poperinge, not far to the west of Ypres, Belgium.”

In the three years, 1915 to 1918, Tubby did outstanding work caring for the needs of young men serving on the Western Front. He was awarded the Military Cross. The special ethos of Talbot House of Friendship, Service, Fair-mindedness and The Kingdom of God, was the foundation stone for the Toc H Movement which received its Royal Charter in 1922.Thereafter it became a world-wide movement, breaking down barriers and caring for people in need.”


Both John Meyers, the owner of the Military Museum and Mr Ray Geise, Director of ToC H Australia Northern Region and former Aide-de-Camp to Tubby Clayton assisted with the design of this mural. Our artist is well known locally - Akos Juhasz, who also painted our Aviator mural and the Fraser Coast Regional Council “Community Canvas” at City Hall. Akos's commission was funded by Former Mayor Loft through his discretionary vote.​